Joey Bosa Slamming Helmet In Anger After Possible Missed Penalty Caps All-Time Choke Job From Chargers In AFC Wild Card

Joey Bosa was not happy with the officiating during Saturday's AFC Wild Card game between the Jaguars and Chargers. The 27-year-old defensive end did not hold back his frustration and it led to a very interesting finish.

Los Angeles went up 27-0 in the first half, but scored just three points in the first 26 minutes of the second half. That allowed Jacksonville to battle back.

After struggling to find any sort of rhythm in the first 30 minutes, Trevor Lawrence threw his fourth touchdown pass of the night with five minutes and 30 seconds left. It cut the Jaguars' deficit to four.

On the play, right tackle Jawaan Taylor appeared to get into his pass protection before the ball was snapped. (I do not endorse Preston Penn's take, he just posted the video. But I also don't not endorse Preston Penn's take?)

He was the one tasked with blocking Bosa on the touchdown play and kept him away from Lawrence. However, Taylor may false started and he may have been holding.

There is holding on every single play in football, so that part is irrelevant. It was the false start that was the more glaring issue.

It allowed Taylor to get a jump on his block, which kept Bosa at bay.

Joey Bosa was pissed.

The Chargers pass-rusher went over to the sideline and slammed his helmet onto the ground. When an assistant rebounded for him and gave the helmet back, Bosa slammed it again.

As a result of his conduct, Bosa was slapped with an unsportsmanlike penalty. That moved the ball up to the 1.5-yard-line for Jacksonville's point after attempt, so it went for two.

Lawrence went up and over the goal line to cut the game to two.

On the next possession, the Jaguars defense stepped up and forced a turnover on downs. Jacksonville got the ball back with a chance to win on a field goal and did exactly that.

First, a gutsy call on 4th-and-1 put them in field goal range.

Then, a walk-off field goal won them the game at home.

Bosa's helmet slam capped an all-time choke job.