Joe Biden Confuses His Jacket for the Philadelphia Eagles Logo

If a presidential election is close, appealing to sports fans can help candidates gain more support. However, those who take this route must do it correctly. Joe Biden did not do it correctly.

While speaking to Philadelphia voters on Sunday, Joe Biden bragged about his Philadelphia Eagles jacket. When I first heard the audio, I thought it was a sly move. Pennsylvania is the key to the election, and Philly fans love the Eagles. It would've been a smart play by Joe. Then I saw the video — something was off.

Biden got mixed up and falsely claimed his jacket rocked the Eagles logo. Instead, the jacket supported the University of Delaware Blue Hens. Biden should recognize the logo. He earned his bachelor’s degree there.

Of course, there are worse mistakes a candidate can make at a rally. Biden could've been in Dallas wearing a Crusader jacket and called it the Cowboys' logo.

Unlike most writers, I look for the positives in our leaders' great mistakes.

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