Jets Vets Already Looking At Trade Deadline For New Opportunities

The New York Jets re-tooled their roster to welcome a new regime and improve upon the 2-14 record from 2020-21. One of the players overlooked on offense is Jamison Crowder: a once-dependable target for former quarterback Sam Darnold until Elijah Moore and Corey Davis' addition to the offense overshadowed the slot receiver's role.

With the NFL trade deadline approaching (Nov. 2), Crowder has been asked over leaving the Big Apple — unbothered by trade rumors but also potentially open to a new home.

“It’s just something that I don’t pay attention to,” the veteran receiver said. “Obviously, it’s a part of the business, but my main focus is to come out each day and prepare for this week. That’s just how I do it. I obviously haven’t thought about anything, I just think about coming here and getting ready for Sunday.

“My main focus is to come out here each and every day, give what I can for the team, play my role as a slot receiver and go out there and do what I do on Sundays. That’s what I think about, and that’s just kind of where my mind is at.”

Crowder signed with the Jets in 2019 with a three-year, $28.5 million deal.

With the contract running out on the 28-year-old receiver, the Jets can hope that a split with the vet will land them some value through the trade block. He recorded 699 receiving yards on 59 catches in 2020.

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