Jets Officially Part Ways With Adam Gase, Do They Take Another Quarterback?

The New York Jets have officially relieved Adam Gase of his head coaching duties, so we won't have to see that blank post-game stare again. As LeBron would say -- it's about damn time.

Jets' CEO Christopher Johnson left a lengthy goodbye on Twitter.

"While my sincere intentions are to have stability in our organization -- especially in our leadership positions -- it is clear the best decision for the Jets is to move in a different direction," Johnson wrote.

"We knew there was a lot of work that needed to be done when Adam joined us in 2019. Our strong finish last year was encouraging, but unfortunately, we did not sustain that positive momentum or see the progress we all expected this season."

He mentioned that he wanted to offer his team "stability," but then made a decision that accomplished the complete opposite. Not that he's making the wrong decision here (because he's not), it's just that the poor decision making of higher ups to hire Adam Gase in the first place is why the team has no stability.

Wasn't Adam Gase's clueless look at the introductory press conference foreshadowing enough? They literally gave a young Sam Darnold no chance to grow and learn under proper leadership.

So, what now?

The Jets were expected to take Trevor Lawrence until they inexplicably won a couple games and slid down to the two spot. So they wanted a replacement for Sam Darnold, but they also didn't feel like their young QB had the right coach. Is this a quarterback issue or did Darnold catch a case of crappy coach syndrome?

New York is now on the clock to find a replacement and if they weren't impressed enough by Justin Fields to take him with their top pick, do they trust Darnold after Gase's exit? We'll find out soon enough.