Jets Fan Punches Dolphins Fans While Cowboys Fan Tries To Keep The Peace

Fists were flying Sunday at MetLife Stadium where a diehard Jets fan was throwing haymakers at Dolphins fans during a 24-17 Miami win. After a couple of quiet weeks out of brawls in the stands, things flared up again Sunday, but this Dolphins-Jets bout had a plot twist.

Of all people, a backward hat Cowboys fan tried to enter the fray to play peacekeeper. Talk about a unicorn at an NFL game. That's one of the rarest sights in football history.

As for what led up to the fisticuffs, one has to believe alcohol started talking and fists started flying. At this point, it's not like there's anything to brag about if you're either franchise so it couldn't have been an argument over football.

We can report that the guy who threw the tomahawk chop to the head of Jets fan ended up in cuffs. There's no word if he was taken to the Met Life jail or if he was walked out by the New Jersey state trooper and told to go home.

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