Jets Coach Robert Saleh Fires Back At Rex Ryan

Former Jets head coach Rex Ryan is playing the role of scorned ex-lover who wants to see his former companion's rebound attempts fail. And he's good at it. On Monday, Ryan told ESPN Radio that he was "pissed off" that some have compared current Jets coach Robert Saleh to him. Gang Green's former coach even went as far as to say, “Don’t ever compare this Robert Saleh guy to me.

Now, New York's current partner, Saleh is firing back, potentially setting up a rendezvous between former and current Jet coaches.

"Obviously, if it’s that personal for him, he knows where to find me," said Saleh on The Michael Kay Show.

Despite a 2-7 record in his debut season, Saleh appears comfortable with his relationship with the Jets and seems unlikely to seek Ryan out for advice on how best to please them.

“I’ve never met Rex. I’ve never had a conversation with Rex. I don’t even know him, except for people who know him throughout the league," added Saleh via The Michael Kay Show.

Ryan won 20 games over his first two seasons as Jets head coach and brought the team to the AFC Championship Game both years. After the honeymoon phase, however, Ryan and New York hit a rough patch and never won more than eight games together in his last four seasons in the Big Apple. They officially went their separate ways in 2014, and since then, Ryan has spent most of his time talking about those first two years of bliss and seemingly angling for a second chance.

“I’m not surprised by him. He’s always got something to say,” added Saleh.

Fortunately for Saleh, he still has eight more chances this fall to rekindle the fire with New York. That's also eight more chances for Ryan to Facebook stalk his ex.


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