Jerry Jones Expects Attendance To Keep Rising At Jerry World, No COVID Reports From Fans

If you want to catch a Dallas Cowboys game, but you're having trouble finding tickets, there will be expanded opportunities at upcoming home games, according to Jerry Jones. The Cowboys owner said during his weekly spot on 105.3 in Dallas that he expects attendance to keep rising at Jerry World.

"We’ve had almost a third of the attendance in the whole NFL at our games. I’m proud of that," Jones said. "Our stadium is particularly suited for airiness, openness, air circulation. “I’m very proud of the fact that we do it safely, we do it smartly."

"Our fans are really helpful, to say the very least, to be playing in front of those fans. I see a continued aggressive approach to having fans out there. That’s not being insensitive to the fact that we’ve got our COVID and an outbreak and some people say, ‘Well, maybe it is.’ But no, not when you’re doing it as safe as we are. And not when you’re having the results we’re having. Literally, we’ve had no one report that they’ve had any contact with COVID from coming to our football game. No one.”

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