Jalen Ramsey Speaks Out About Deshaun Watson, Doesn't Think The QB Will Play In Houston Again

One of the most outspoken players in the NFL, former Jacksonville Jaguar and now Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey, is speaking out once again, giving some insight about unhappy Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. After all, Ramsey also fought his NFL team until they finally traded him.

Another reason Ramsey is speaking out is because he's well aware of the agent that Watson deals with, David Mulugheta, because he's also Ramsey's agent .

Ramsey spoke out about the situation with Watson on a recent episode of the "Huddle and Flow" podcast.

The cornerback says that he does not feel that Watson will ever don a Texans uniform again in Houston.

"Extremely serious, he's extremely serious," Ramsey said of Watson's desire to be dealt elsewhere.

"At the end of the day, Deshaun is a great man. A servant leader. Even now when people are trying to crucify him and talk bad on his name, he's still out there doing things for the community in Houston.

"So he's a great man. He's a professional. He's going to still do things that are positive in the community and probably still help his teammates out.

"But I highly doubt he'll ever suit up in a Texans uniform again. He's very serious. I will say he's very serious. This is his legacy here, I mean, he should be serious."

Watson has officially asked for a trade, and there's no question that there's a number of teams that would love to make a deal for the 25-year-old quarterback, who is 28-25 as a starter.

He has thrown for 104 touchdowns in his four seasons in the NFL (average of 26 per season) and 36 picks.

This last season, he led the NFL with 4,823 yards passing, tossing 33 scores and seven interceptions.

The Texans are stuck with the quarterback for now as they agreed to a whopping deal worth $156 million over four seasons.

The chance to get a franchise quarterback who is just 25 years old is appealing to a number of teams - including the Miami Dolphins, New York Jets, Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos.

Ramsey feels for his buddy Watson, who he says isn't getting the support from the team.

"I can't speak specifically on his situation just because I'm not there, I'm not him, I don't know exactly about every little detail that's going on. But from my understanding on the outside is, you know, when you're a franchise quarterback, it don't matter what team you're on," Ramsey said.

"Really, you want to have a say-so in the team. Essentially it's your team. Especially the best teams, their franchise guys, their quarterback of the team has a say-so in, maybe not the huge decisions, they maybe don't make the final decision, but they for sure have a say-so.

"The ownership, the coaches, they listen to them. Of course. That's kind of a source of empowerment that teams and organizations give their quarterbacks so they can then go ahead and lead their team and be confident in that.

"From my understanding, that's not happening with them. I mean, you see other things that have happened with them in the past that are kind of head-scratchers and don't make sense."

Push will eventually have to come to shove with Watson and the Texans, the quarterback and the agent, as they look to get past the tension and figure out if anything can be salvaged.

Ramsey knows all too well about being unhappy, and it sounds like he's clearly taking the side of Watson to get out of Houston and start over with a new franchise in 2021.

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