Jaguars Streaker Nearly Returns Mid-Game Punt, Requires A Lot Of Security To Bring Him Down And Force Fumble After Going 85 Yards

A streaker at Sunday's game between the Jaguars and Raiders got loose in the open field but could not withstand the defensive onslaught that awaited him near the end zone. He required a large amount of security to bring him down after an impressive return that almost included a live punt.

Things got started when an underwear-clad fan hopped the fence and ran out onto the field with just over six minutes left in the fourth quarter. Las Vegas lined up to punt from its own 30-yard-line and A.J. Cole booted the ball before the play was blown dead while it was in mid-air.

The streaker had entered the field of play.

As the punt made its way down the field, the streaker took off up the middle. Players on both sides were confused about what was happening and the rogue fan came awfully close to fielding the kick.

Instead, he just kept running. The streaker already had a football (not the game ball) under his arm and was determined to score.

He was at the 40, then the 50, then the 40, the 30, the 20, the... BOOM! His dream of finding pay dirt came to a close when security and staffers converged on top of him at about the 17-yard-line.

It took a large amount of security guards to get the Jaguars streaker.

At first, it looked like the streaker was going to get loose. The initial tackle was exactly what NFL coaches don't want from their players— all arms.

However, the staffer held on for dear life as he was dragged across the field and did just enough to slow down the streaker. At that point, the rest of the security team caught up and brought him down after an 85-yard return.

If getting tackled short of the end zone wasn't demoralizing enough, the streaker fumbled.

By my count, it took nine people to stop the streaker, not including the players.

If the streaker was hoping for an NFL contract, he won't get one. Ball security is job security.