IV Nearly Killed Patriots Lineman Trent Brown

Patriots offensive lineman Trent Brown went through a grim scene last season as a Las Vegas Raider when he nearly went into cardiac arrest before a game against the Cleveland Browns.

Trent stated that meeting Cleveland again in Week 10 this season as a New England Patriot, one year after his accident involving an IV mishap, was a relieving experience that eclipsed the bitter memories from a year ago.

"To kind of come back and play against the Browns, I thought was pretty cool, because I almost died before we played them last year," Brown admitted. "When I was laid out on the floor, I definitely thought about my kids. I even thought about retiring, honestly. It was that scary. I was about to be done with it. Then after it kind of settled down a bit, I was fine."

Per the NFL report, "air was accidentally introduced into his bloodstream with a pre-game IV, and he was hospitalized for three days beginning on Nov. 1, 2020." Brown rejoined the Raiders two months later.

"That was different. Coming off of COVID and then just expecting to play a game, and then make it all the way to the city, to the game, to the locker room," Brown said. "And I'm going through my normal routine, getting an IV, and to just pass out and almost going into cardiac arrest was crazy. ...

"To actually fully recover, it probably took about eight months to feel normal again," Brown said. "And to actually start making steps, as far as improvement, to feel like myself again on the field after eight months."

Trent is coming off a stint on injured reserve, joining the Patriots in Week 10 to help them improve to a 6-4 on the season — second-best in the AFC East.

The New England offensive line kept Mac Jones upright and efficient against one of the better rushing defenses in the Browns. After the winning performance, Trent will have a memorable 45-7 result to remember Cleveland by moving forward.

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