Instagram Model/Handicapper Amanda Vance Put Her Career On The Line At Bills Tailgate

Former Miami Dolphins cheerleader turned Instagram Star Amanda Vance has taken her talents to the world of handicapping and that means she's out on the road this NFL season doing what handicappers do: she's trying to build a gambling following. Week One of her 2021 NFL tour saw Vance in Buffalo rooting on her Steelers -- I've researched her Instagram and she's a longtime Steelers fan -- and decided she wasn't leaving town without attempting to smash a table.

I know what you guys are thinking: that was a terrible effort. Look, Amanda clearly doesn't weigh enough to smash a table that size. I've watched thousands of Bills Mafia table smash videos and that's a terrible table size for any person to splash down on. She needed to hit an 8-footer and land right on the fold.

Someone screwed over Amanda by having her attempt the stunt on a card table better suited for euchre night. That said, I'll give Amanda huge props for putting her life on the line like this. We're talking about an Instagram Star sitting on 500k-plus followers. An injury here, and her NFL season could've been in jeopardy. Imagine if she breaks an arm. Her leg. Separated her clavicle.

We're talking about a massive hit to Amanda's 2021 NFL content production if she goes down to injury. Amanda wearing a neck brace for 8-10 weeks IS NOT great for the brand.

But there she was, putting it all on the line Sunday outside Ralph Wilson Stadium and suckin' down a Bud heavy. What a warrior.


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