Idea Of Odell Beckham Jr. Landing In Seattle Gaining Steam

Odell Beckham Jr. is a man in need of a new football team, and the Seattle Seahawks are a team in need of another wide receiver.

And if not in need, the Seahawks apparently have an in interest in OBJ.

So, coach Pete Carroll, any truth to the the Seahawks-Beckham rumors?

"You'll see," Carroll told reports with a grin. "We’re aware of what’s going on and we’ve been involved to understand it and compete to know what’s happening. We’ll let you know as soon as it happens. I got to wait. So, I didn’t say yes or I didn’t say no. That’s because ... you'll see."

Beckham was waived by the Cleveland Browns last week, just a few days after his dad revealed a video of Beckham being badly underthrown by quarterback Baker Mayfield. It was a football marriage that never worked and ultimately ended in a divorce.

Beckham, for his part, hasn't said a word publicly. He didn't trash the Browns, but he didn't thank them either.

Multiple reports have suggested Seattle has an interest, but it is not alone. The New York Giants and New Orleans Saints have also been linked to Beckham, as have the Las Vegas Raiders, though they just signed fellow veteran receiver DeSean Jackson.

For the record, OutKick's Glenn Guilbeau wrote that the Saints should go after Beckham, baggage and all. The Saints and Seahawks are indeed among the 10 or so teams that could absorb Beckham's $7.25 million salary without needing to make a corresponding roster move.

But are the Seahawks really the frontrunners? Apparently, we really shall see.

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