Hutton: 'Titans-Bengals Matchup Deserves WAY More Attention Across The League'

The Tennessee Titans will host the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday to kick off the second divisional round of the NFL Playoffs, and OutKick's Jonathan Hutton says it's the least talked about matchup on national coverage.

But don't worry, he's got you covered.

Whether you're a fan of one of these teams or just looking for insight on the game, Hutton breaks down everything you need to know before watching the Titans-Bengals matchup on Saturday.

With Titans running back Derrick Henry back, Hutton said if Tennessee's offense can find positive yards with the run game on first down, it will be a great sign for quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Watch Hutton's full analysis of the Titans-Bengals game, what he expects of the environment and much more below:

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