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I really appreciate hearing from you guys vs. the people who wanted to break my kneecaps

I've been working on the Internet so long that I've faced death threats from Browns fans for my reporting on Johnny Football back in the day. (For the record, I think they probably would've just roughed me up. It wouldn't have been full-blown death, but the messaging was clear.) I've had convicts send messages that had me concerned. I've had mainstream TV people in my DMs saying ridiculous things that I have to brush off. At this point, I've pretty much heard it all from bad actors out there in society.

That's why the last 6-8 weeks have been so nice. The messages of support for the work that's been pumping from the OutKick veins have been awesome. Some of you are hearing me from the spots I'm doing on Clay's show. Some of you are just old school Internet consumers who love Morning Screencaps. It's been so damn invigorating to hear from all of you. There have been very few days off since joining OutKick in June 2020, but I knew that going in. It was going to be a grind to turn you guys into fans and trust me with your morning routine. But now here we are with a trust factor through the roof after an insane grind. None of it is lost on me.

Keith in Phoenix writes:

Hi Joe. Just wanted to say I enjoy your daily screen grabs and other work on Outkick. Even more than that, I like your musings on life and free time, specifically when you talk about keeping busy in your garage and having patio or garage beers. I've got two young boys that are amazing, but my free time is nearly zero. I've found the times when i get to go to my garage and just organize things, or put Pandora on the TV and find something to do or plan for, and have a few beers, are typically what I look forward to and enjoy the most these days as far as my free time goes. I live in Arizona - I have all my life. While it's beautiful 70-75 degree weather here most of the time (except summer), I find a midwestern place like Ohio or Wisconsin or Iowa or Nebraska with seasons to be very interesting in my mind's eye. And I imagine your garage you discuss in your articles to be pretty ideal. This is a long way of saying keep up the good work and thanks for bringing enjoyment with your Outkick stuff and motivation for living my best garage/patio beer life (of course, after giving all that I have to my kids and family).

I feel like Keith would make for a great neighbor. I picture walking the dog past Keith's house, not knowing the guy at all, and hearing Yacht Rock on Pandora and it stops me in my tracks.

Me: "Hey how you doing? Is that Hall & Oates?"

Keith: (laughing) "Yeah, it's on Yacht Rock Pandora."

Me: "I love that channel!"

Keith: "Whatcha drinking in that cup?"

Me: "Busch Light, just having one. Been a long week at work."

Keith: "Need another?"

Boom, friendship.

Moral of the story this morning: Let's keep this going. Keep telling me what's working. Don't be afraid to let me know what's not working. I've faced down those Browns fans before. I can handle it. Let's keep having fun and keep trying to get through life the best we can. Have a great day.

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