Hilarious Mayhem Unfolds As Jets And Bears Can't Hold Onto Football In Pouring Rain, Causing Multiple Fumbles

Sunday's game between the Jets and Bears went exactly how you think Sunday's game between the Jets and Bears was going to go. Two NFL teams that have been laughing stocks in recent history were battling it out at the Meadowlands.

Not only did the jokes write themselves with the matchup, it was POURING rain.

That led to one of the most incredible football sequences of the season, if not of all-time. And I say that without hyperbole.

The utter mayhem between the Jets and Bears was truly hilarious.

Early in the second quarter, New York lined up to kick a 36-yard field goal that would have tied the game at 10. That is when all hell broke loose.

Punter Braden Mann could not hold onto the snap and the ball slipped out of his hands. There was no way to save the situation or get a kick off successfully.

As a result, Mann tried to run for a first down around the right side. He was immediately swarmed by the Chicago defense and, as he was being brought down, chucked the ball to nobody.

Kicker Greg Zuerlein was closest to the fumble (that looked a lot like a forward pass) and tried to dive on the loose ball. His attempt was unsuccessful, and opposing linebacker Joe Thomas scooped it up.

While trying to return the fumble the other way, Thomas fumbled again. Three Jets and two Bears converged on the ball before Chicago defensive back Jaylen Jones got his chance at a return.

However, he does not carry the rock often. The ball security lacked and Jones lost the ball.

A scrum ensued and the Bears eventually ended up with possession.

Everything about the back-and-forth fumble frenzy was beautiful art. You cannot script something like that any better. The only thing missing was Yackity Sax!