Here's A New One: Lightning Forces Delay At Chargers' Indoor Stadium

Many were expecting Monday night's Raiders-Chargers game at SoFi Stadium to light up the scoreboard. But few, if any were expecting this kind of electricity. Ahead of kickoff, lightning in the area caused the game - being played in a $5 billion dome, to be delayed. All the money in the world apparently can't buy you a good roof these days.

The game between (one of) LA's current teams and their former resident was scheduled to kick off at 8:15 eastern time, but ended up being delayed until around 8:50 pm.

Amid the delay, Kevin Seifert of ESPN, referred to the multi-billion dollar structure as an "expense carport."

The issue is, the fancy stadium gives the appearance of a full-dome, but actually has open sections throughout the sides of the stadium. Because of the open-air areas, nearby lightning was deemed a risk, causing the game to be delayed.

What's next, the New York Rangers pause a game because the arena's too cold? Maybe this year's Daytona 500 halts the race due to noise complaints, or Florida nixes an SEC tilt because the equipment staff ran out of Gatorade on a scorching afternoon.

In the meantime, don't be surprised to see a GoFundMe page announced to help LA's pair of NFL team's find enough cash to outfit their pseudo-dome with a couple of windows.