Giants Plan To Build Offense Around Daniel Jones In 2022

Seems a little strange to commit to Daniel Jones this early in the offseason, but Giants GM Joe Schoen seems to be doing just that. Apparently, he believes the third-year quarterback is an offensive line away from showing what he's got.

He's right about that O-line needing work. Last year, they stunk.

Team owner John Mara was asked by reporters whether Deshaun Watson would suffice in New York and his response was...definitive.

Daniel Jones is entering the final year of his four-year, $25.6 million deal in 2022-23, so we have to imagine that will be his tryout as the franchise quarterback of the Giants. Of course more optimal trade options other than Watson may become available, like Seattle's Russell Wilson, however it wouldn't make sense for this Giants staff to show their hand this early. They don't want to appear desperate ahead of the draft.

For now, the Giants will pretend Daniel Jones is the answer until they can pull the trigger elsewhere. Whatever they choose to do, it's not likely to work out unless Eli Manning finds the fountain of youth.

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