Giants Hired Brian Daboll For His Offense With the Bills, But He Won't Be Calling Plays For Them

The Giants have had an awful recent history in head coaching hires. After surviving 12 seasons of Tom Coughlin's tight regime as head coach of the NYG from 2004 to 2015, the Giants have had five coaches since 2016. What was once considered one of the most stable franchises in the NFL has been a picture of chaos with bad hire after bad hire.

The Ben McAdoo era was the most successful because it included one playoff appearance following an offseason of big spending in free-agency.

But the Giants lost 38-13 after the infamous BoatGate picture led up to their playoff game against the Packers. McAdoo's tenure ended in less than two full seasons as he was replaced mid-way through the 2017 season by interim head coach Steve Spagnuolo.


Next, came the Pat Surmur era - Shurmur was a head coach previously with the Browns. He got another chance because he is highly regarded for his work with quarterbacks and well, not too many coaches have had successes in Cleveland in the 21st century.

Shurmur's tenure, however, ended after he lost nine of 32 games and made zero playoff appearances.

The latest era has been the Joe Judge one. Judge came with no offensive or defensive coordinator background. It is usually unlikely for such a coach to be in charge of an entire franchise.

Judge did have one ace up his sleeve, he was friends with Bill Belichick, having worked under him from 2012 until 2019. All the Giants ownership needed to see is a Belichick recommendation letter and decided that 38-year old Special Teams coach Joe Judge is their man.

Judge failed miserably. Having embarrassing outcomes both on the field and off the field. In 33 games as coach of the Giants, Judge's teams scored 24 points or more only 5 times. That's just awful. They were often held for under 20.

The Brian Daboll Era

The Giants decided to fire each of those three previous coaches after only two seasons and have turned the page to the man that helped build Bills quarterback Josh Allen into a superstar. Brian Daboll is now coaching NYG.

Daboll helped turn a mistake-prone rookie Allen into a yearly MVP candidate that has taken the Bills to an AFC Championship in 2020 and was 13 seconds away from taking them to another last season.

However, Daboll, who again, came to NFL prominence with play-calling for Allen and the super-successful Buffalo offense, decided he will not be calling the plays for Daniel Jones and the Giants offense.

Daboll is handing play-calling duties to 1st-time offensive coordinator Mike Kafka. A 35-year old former career backup quarterback in the league that has been coaching Chiefs Patrick Mahomes the past 5 seasons, not exactly the toughest of tasks.

Sure, maybe Daboll will take over play-calling duties during the season if Kafka struggles. Maybe Daboll wants to focus on coaching up Daniel Jones in a different way. Maybe he simply doesn't believe enough in Jones to make his offense work and wants someone else to share the blame if things don't work out as planned. Time will tell.