Giants Coach Brian Daboll Freaks Out On Referee While Rocking Aviator Sunglasses

Brian Daboll was not happy with a call made against his team in the first half of Sunday's game. He lost his mind.

Early in the second quarter, New York had 2nd-and-8 from its own 41-yard-line. Daniel Jones took the snap and immediately felt pressure as Detroit defensive tackle Alim McNeill quickly closed-in.

Backpedaling for a moment, the Giants' fourth-year quarterback threw off of his back foot and targeted wide receiver Isaiah Hodgins, who was coming across the middle of the field and found himself with room to run.

Jones delivered and his wide-open pass-catcher went 16 yards for a first down.

However, as Hodgins finished his run, a lot of laundry ended up on the field. Penalty flags were thrown and the call was on the offense.

Tight end Lawrence Cager ran a corresponding crossing route on the play. He used the opportunity to set a block, whether intentional or not, on the Lions linebacker that helped get Hodgins as open as he was. As a result, he was flagged for offensive pass interference.

Brian Daboll, on the sideline, did not agree with the penalty.

He walked over to the nearest official, which happened to be the line judge, and lost his mind.

The 47-year-old first-year head coach went bananas and called the pass interference call "bullsh*t," among many other not-so-nice things.

Everything about the altercation is fantastic. Aviator glasses-wearing Daboll having his hood slowly fall off of his head as he berated the official was hilarious.

Considering that New York began the year at 7-2, Daboll's short time with the team has already proved to be a success. Part of the new-found winning ways stems from a culture change and Sunday's sideline tirade is the perfect example. There is heart and grit within the Giants organization.