Fresno State Coach Leaves Fans Injured By Going Ballistic And Punching Out Window

Fresno State football pulled off a seven-point Homecoming win over San Jose State on Saturday night without its starting quarterback, but it didn't come without frustration. And injuries.

Two Bulldogs fans, a mother and her young daughter, were injured by falling glass after a coach punched out a window. It left both the woman and the young girl with lacerations and they received treatment at Valley Children's Hospital.

"At this point, we’re trying to figure out what’s going on with all that transpired. But I can definitely tell you that the individual that acted in that way will be placed on administrative leave, effective immediately," Fresno athletic director Terry Tumey said after the game. "We have to have some disciplinary action until we can figure out what transpired. But our biggest concern right now, quite honestly, is our fans and the young women, the child, and her mother."

The incident, which occurred after the visiting Spartans scored a touchdown late in the second quarter, sent shattered glass falling onto a seating section below.

The coach has been placed on administrative leave, but the person who was responsible is unknown at this point.

Falling glass left fans injured after Fresno State coach punches window.

According to people familiar with Fresno State, the glass in the coaches box is neither tempered glass nor safety glass, which would break into smaller pieces that are less likely to cause injury if it was to break. Rather, the standard glass window sent large shards of glass with jagged and sharp edges flying into the air after the punch landed.

Although Tumey declined to identify the coach, it was not one of the Bulldogs' 11 on-field coaches. Whomever it was, he or she will not have any contact with the program while out amidst an investigation. It is unclear how long the administrative leave will last.