Free Agent Richard Sherman Ready For Another Chance

Free agent cornerback Richard Sherman, 33, wants another shot in the NFL. Sherman, known for a passion and intensity that bordered on recklessness at times, was already in the final phases of his career last season, but he seemed to have enough in the tank for a contender to take a chance on him.

But then over the summer, Sherman was charged with five misdemeanors including DUI and trespassing with a domestic violence element, and suddenly the juice was no longer worth the squeeze.

Sherman, though, thinks his history of strong play means more than a bad mistake.

“I’ve got a decade worth of résumé that should stand more firmly than a momentary lapse in judgment. I’ve got a decade of character and tape to be judged off of. If you’re judging me off of a momentary lapse, I’m probably not the player for you either way,” Sherman said.

If the Deshaun Watson case is any indication, the NFL is trying its best to leave potential criminality to the courts and not to make personnel decisions until all legal processes have finished. Sherman’s legal issues probably won’t be resolved for at least a year, so the NFL probably won’t restrict teams from signing him this season if any were so inclined.

Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians and 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan have both said their teams have some interest in signing Sherman, but thus far he remains unsigned.