Former NFL TE Arrested, Questioned About Missing Girlfriend

Taylor Pomaski, girlfriend of former NFL player Kevin Ware Jr., was last seen on April 25th. On Friday, Ware Jr. was arrested in Texas and is being questioned in his girlfriend's disappearance. Ware's arrest occurred after he had missed bond supervision hearings in consecutive months.

In mid-April Ware Jr. was arrested on drug and weapons charges. A search of his car found a buffet of drugs: cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, and Xanax, per Inside Edition Digital. Seemingly to protect the goodies, Ware also had an AK-47 and 9mm pistol with him.

ABC 13 Houston reported that days after being released on a $23,000 bond, Ware and Pomaski were in a violent fight at his home in front of others. Eric Zuleger, a friend of Pomaski’s communicated with KPRC 2 saying: “I’m not for certain, but Kevin knows exactly what happened.”

Zuleger went on to tell ABC 13: “(Pomaski) was in danger, and she was in trouble. There was violence, she referenced a gun being pulled on her. She was very scared, very nervous.”

Inside Edition was told by Zuleger of the last time he saw Pomaski in early April: “She was gaunt and had bruises and some swelling on her face.” They last communicated in the early morning of April 26th when she sent Zuleger an email that said, “I need to talk to you”.

The 6'3 Ware spent two seasons in the NFL, playing 11 games for Washington in 2003 and five games for San Francisco the following year. He hauled in four receptions during his brief career.

At this time, Ware is not a suspect in the case, but he is considered a person of interest.