Former Bears Super Bowl Champion Defensive Star Arrested For Murder

Former Chicago Bears defensive back Michael Richardson, who won Super Bowl XX with the Bears, was arrested Wednesday on a murder charge, according to Phoenix media outlets. Police allege Richardson shot and killed Ronald Like, 47, Tuesday morning on a street near the Phoenix airport.

Richardson, who played seven seasons in the NFL, was part of the Bears crew that recorded the famous "Super Bowl Shuffle" video. In the video, Richardson sings, "I'm LA Mike, and I play it cool. They don't sneak by me because I'm no fool." Richardson recorded two tackles in Super Bowl XX, and the Bears defense destroyed New England on their way to a 46-10 win. Many believe they were the best defense in NFL history.

ABC-15 reports Richardson was arrested by Phoenix cops twice in 2020. Both were for drug possession. The former defensive back was also locked up in the Maricopa County Jail in 2018 on theft and meth charges. A 2011 report by the Chicago Tribune mentioned 21 other convictions since Richardson's NFL career ended in 1989.

"My destruction was not here in Chicago. It was in another state. It was a little bit of how I grew up. It was a little bit of who I hung around with. Some of it was false illusions as far as maybe (drugs) being a sexual enhancer," he told the Chicago Tribune in 2011.

"But the bottom line is: How do you get out of it? That is more important. It's how you think, feel and act. The biggest issue is committing to change. And that's a daily process that has to come from the individual."

Richardson is back in the Maricopa County Jail and facing charges of murder, misconduct involving weapons, and a felony warrant.

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