Fisher Twins Go Fishing, Ray Lewis Wants To Share Positivity On Cameo & Tony Stewart Celebrates Anniversary

The messages just keep rolling in from Morning Screencaps readers

How do I know some of you guys are reading every word I type into this post six days a week? Tuesday, I received a Facebook DM from an assistant GM at a golf course I mentioned that's located in northern Michigan. I wrote how I plan to lose Kirkland golf balls at Treetops -- the legendary golf course that famously held a Par 3 shootout for a number of years on ESPN -- in June on a guys trip. Next thing I know, I'm getting a message from the front office. They're reading. They're fans of Screencaps.

And it got me thinking about how I can incorporate Screencaps readers and Treetops. How can I bring what I love to you guys? It's probably time for me to Slack the OutKick marketing team to see what we can cook up here because I'm all about you guys sharing some of these experiences.

I keep saying it, and you guys keep telling me the same thing. You love what's happening here on a daily basis, and it's now up to my brain to figure out how to expand on the passion you have for this post. I'm absolutely jacked up about the world of sports returning to normal. I want to get out on the road to meet you guys, see the tailgates, go to the golf tournaments, drink in your favorite local bars and just feel alive again.

• Are any of you working on tailgating RVs, trailers, cookers? I've been looking through Facebook Marketplace this week to see what's out there, and it's dead. I'm worried that the 'VID has knocked the creativity out of people. I get it, it's hard to invest money in a themed RV when you're not sure what will be allowed in September. My buddy down the street won a tailgating trailer from a national Bud Light campaign a couple weeks ago, so perhaps we'll have to bring that out on the road this fall.

• At 6:47 a.m. ET this morning, the front page of the New York Times website didn't show COVID charts or death numbers. Take it for what it's worth.

Roblox goes public today, in case your kids want to learn the stock market and need a company to get behind. The valuation should come in at $30 billion.

• Have you been following the NFT market? Have you heard that the next big NFT market could be tweets? Jack Dorsey's first tweet is up for auction and it has crossed the $2.5 million mark. That's right, you might soon be able to buy Clay's first tweet as an NFT.

This appears to be Clay's first tweet in 2009:

Numbers from :

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