First Round Bust Paxton Lynch Looking To Canada For Second Chance At Stardom

"You remember Paxton Lynch, don't you?"

"Ya, the Hall of Fame defensive back, right?"

"Nah, that's John Lynch."

"Ohhh. OK. That's the woman from Glee. Won an Emmy, I think."

"That's a negative, Ghost Rider."

If you don't remember who Paxton Lynch is, we can't blame ya. The former first-round quarterback spent about as much time in the NFL as Brock Lesnar (wait, you didn't know The Beast Incarnate laced 'em up?). Now he's seeking a second chance at stardom as a member of the Canadian Football League's Saskatchewan Roughriders, and he plans to work as hard as he can in order to continue playing the game.

“I feel like I have something to prove to myself and the people who have had my back since I have started this process of playing a football as a kid. The people who have supported my dream,” said Lynch via 620 KCRM. “I am going to do whatever I can and work as hard as I can to give myself the opportunity to play the game I love."

Lynch burst onto the national radar during his junior season at the University of Memphis. He threw 28 touchdowns and just four interceptions. Riding his wave of success, Lynch decide to forego his senior season and was selected by the Denver Broncos in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

His NFL career went about how you'd expect a quarterback from Memphis' career to go. He started just four games with the Broncos and threw as many picks (4) as he did touchdowns. A cup of coffee with Seattle and Pittsburgh followed, as did the "bust" label.

He's now 27-years-old, and Lynch's football rehab north of the border hasn't come easy. “It’s been difficult,” Lynch told reporters per 620 KCRM. “A lot of the pre-snap stuff has been a big adjustment for me, but really when you break it all down and get down to the core of it, it’s really football. It’s the same, just different terminology and things like that concept-wise and footwork-wise.  All of the motion is very different to me, but before I got here, me and coach (Jason) Maas spent three and a half hours a day making sure I was ready."


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