Fight! Bills Lineman Makes OTAs Interesting

Say this for the Buffalo Bills and their fans – they know how to keep things interesting. Whether it’s Bills Mafia tossing one another through flame engulfed tables or a sex toy finding its way to the field, you're going to be entertained. Offensive lineman Jon Feliciano is doing his part to add to the craziness that is Buffalo.

Earlier today, Feliciano spiced things up at the usually uneventful organized team activities when he threw punches at defensive lineman AJ Epenesa. BillsWire reported that Feliciano took offense to an Epenesa interception that was returned for a touchdown. Apparently, once in the end zone, Epenesa threw the ball at Feliciano before they exchanged punches. Harrison Phillips, a defensive tackle didn't seem overly concerned with the extracurriculars, stating it's "just football."

The dust up likely signals that Feliciano is already in mid-season form. The last time we saw him on the field, he was called for unsportsmanlike conduct after exchanging pleasantries with a Kansas City Chiefs defender in the AFC Championship.

At last check, there were no judges present to score the fight. Assuming neither player encountered a flaming table or a sex toy, they both came out winners.