Fantasy League Revolts, Tells Cooper Kupp's Dad He's No Longer Getting His Son As A Courtesy

After tearing up that NFL to the tune of 113 receiving yards per game and 10 touchdowns, members of Craig Kupp's fantasy football league are officially fed up with the league rule that Craig got to take his son, Cooper, in the league draft out of courtesy.

L.A. Times reporter Sam Farmer caught up to Craig, who shared the news that this is his last year being afforded the luxury of landing Cooper without having to worry about a fellow fantasy owner snapping him up before Craig could pounce.

Now a five-year vet who has a staggering 74 catches and 1,019 yards through nine games, Cooper Kupp's no longer just some 3rd round pick out of Eastern Washington hoping to play a couple of seasons in the NFL. Craig Kupp's fantasy owners know what is developing here. They want to take the 28-year-old Kupp in next year's draft to help win some fantasy football league games.

Even though the Rams lost Sunday night to the Titans 28-16, Kupp managed to have a season-high 11 receptions on 13 targets to cross the 1,000 receiving yards mark, making him the first player since Jerry Rice to have 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns in the first nine games of the season.

The others on that list:

Elroy 'Crazylegs' Hirsch

Raymond Berry

Don Hutson

Now imagine Criag Kupp's opponents having to sit there knowing they let Kupp go in the draft so Craig didn't have to root against his son to win a fantasy matchup. Craig's son is out there amongst NFL royalty doing things that have rarely been done in the history of the sport. Something drastic had to be done.

The fantasy league charter rules had to be modified.

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