Ex-NBA Star Chris Bosh Claims He's Done With The NFL Over Lack Of Black Head Coaches

Like Neil Young coming out of left field to announce he's boycotting Spotify and pulling his hits off the music-sharing platform, former NBA great and Basketball Hall of Famer Chris Bosh announced this week he's fed up with the NFL and he's boycotting the league.

His reason? The league doesn't employ enough black head coaches.

"Over the last few weeks, I’ve watched the discrimination behind that disparity play out in real time," Bosh wrote on his website. I’m happy anytime anyone gets a job, but it sure seems like the white guys are having an easier time becoming head coaches and general managers nowadays, while Black coaches are held to an entirely different standard."

Bosh also wrote on Twitter how he wants to be able to watch the Super Bowl with his kids "knowing they'll see people who look like them on the field and the sidelines."

"I want them to know that the next great strategic mind might belong to a coach who isn't necessarily white."

And until the NFL fixes it, Bosh says he's done with the NFL. DONE! No more NFL for this guy.

It's possible Bosh wasn't a big NFL guy to begin with. He spent two paragraphs in his manifesto explaining how unfair it was for Brian Flores to be fired when the Lions have given Dan Campbell two seasons as head coach.

Seriously, Bosh wrote that.

"After all, have you seen the coaches and executives who were rewarded for posting records worse than Flores’ this year? Let’s go to Detroit first: a few weeks after the Dolphins’ decision, the Lions chose to keep their new head coach—despite finishing the season at 3-13. And that’s a year after going 5-11! I’m not trying to get personal, but this is sports," Bosh writes. "A record is what it is."

A quick look at Pro Football Reference shows that it's Dan's first year in Detroit.

As for how many black head coaches it would take for Bosh to watch the NFL again, he hasn't answered that. He also hasn't listed his full demands.

Bosh also doesn't address the Flores-Tua situation that was described to OutKick's Armando Salguero as being "shitty." Flores was said to be "really hard" on Tua and allegedly told people within the organization that "We'll never win a championship with this guy."

And, as Salguero writes, that caused a rift with Dolphins' general manager Chris Grier, who is black.



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