Even Cali Is Getting Back To Normal, LA Rams Are Going Full Capacity

The Los Angeles Rams have announced SoFi Stadium will be full capacity next season. Only question mark left is whether they'll require masks. If science takes center stage, then there won't be a mask in sight.

It's really too bad that some sports venues still play games with COVID restrictions. The Yankees have "vaccinated" and "unvaccinated" sections with a limited capacity, while the New York Knicks fill Madison Square Garden for Game 1 of their first round playoff series.

It really goes to show that we need to pay attention to which teams are doing what because you can't rely on "state protocols," as the Rams say.

If sports organizations were moving along the way the states have, then we'd see most teams operating at full capacity already. Don't believe me? I'm writing this from Phoenix, Arizona where protocols don't exist -- except for the fact that the Phoenix Suns just held Game 2 at limited capacity. Make it make sense.

Anyways, we're happy to see the Rams making some form of sense, and we'll see how they handle the dreaded masks.