ESPN Features Barack Obama During ManningCast To Remind People To Vote (Democrat)

Thanks, Obama.

No. 44, Barack Obama, joined Monday night's ManningCast for a quick segment with Eli and Peyton Manning. Obama used most of his airtime to remind viewers to go out and vote, two weeks before the crucial midterm elections on Nov. 9.

Was it a well-timed play by ESPN to invite the most popular Democrat on the roster to tell others to vote, leading them to a DNC-backed website? ...

Would ESPN have the gall to invite a Republican president on air to voice the importance of voting?


Here's what Obama had to say about the upcoming elections.

"If you're unhappy with how things are, the good news is the way our system's set up; you can actually bring about some change. As we see in sports, you know, when teams are playing together they can play better than if they are divided.

"Obviously, in the country right now, sometimes people get sick and tired of politics because there's so much yacking and bickering. Political reporting is a lot like sports reporting. People are always looking for controversy. And ... to stir stuff up because that's clickbait and attracts attention.

"Most people don't think that way. Most people are just trying to figure out, you know, how to do right by my family. On the job. and when we don't participate, then we leave it to folks whose business it is to divide. .... Make sure the decency of the American people is reflected in our results."

Here's a refresher on some of Obama's key endorsements, along with a massive 'THANK YOU' message posted by Georgia Dem Raphael Warnock, who's in trouble facing Republican Herschel Walker in the upcoming Senate race.

Obama also poked fun at ManningCast guest Bill Burr for previously joking about Michelle Obama, giving him the ol' "if she were here she'd kick your a**" treatment.

Let's stick to sports, guys.

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