ESPN Catches On To Exclusive OutKick NFL Report Weeks Later

ESPN sent out alerts about an NFL memo it obtained … a memo that Outkick’s Armando Salguero reported, exclusively, nearly three weeks ago.

The memo in question pertained to a two-day diversity meeting, planned entirely for minority assistant coaches, deliberately excluding white coaches in the process. Again, Armando Salguero had it 18 days ago. So OutKick readers knew about the story on April 16.

ESPN, on the other hand, acted like it was a big deal, like it was new information on, uh, May 4.

Basically, ESPN's sources need to go on the trading block for this one.

Worse, ESPN gave itself a hearty pat on the back, all for “obtaining” a memo that had been collecting dust in Salguero's inbox. This is an absolute embarrassment for a network that promotes itself as The Worldwide Leader. Yeah, sure. The Worldwide Leader in Being Way Behind, perhaps. 

The ESPN piece also started by calling the measure a response to the NFL's "problems with diversity," contrary to the vastly diverse cast of NFL talent.

As exclusively reported by Salguero, an anonymous white assistant coach in the NFL was against Seattle Seahawks coach Pete Carroll's proclamations that the league focused on race.

“I’m sure Pete is coming from a good place. But I’ve never met an NFL owner besides the guy who signs my paycheck, and I’m not even sure he remembers my name all the time,” the white coach said to OutKick.

“I’d like to network with a bunch of rich guys, too. But my understanding is Carroll didn’t suggest white guys like me could go hang out with these owners because I’m white."Read the Salguero’s full actual scoop, again, from last month, right here.

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