Emotional Postgame Video Shows Just How Much Mike Vrabel Loves His Players, Encapsulates Everything Great About Football

Mike Vrabel is a player's coach. Although he is cut from the Bill Belichick cloth, the Titans head coach is a little bit (read: a lot) more expressive with his emotions.

That was certainly the case on Sunday.

Tennessee played to a gritty, nine-point win over Indianapolis at home and center Ben Jones was a big part of that effort. He left everything out on the field and his tenacity was on full display late in the fourth quarter.

Although the Titans had a nine-point lead, the team had an opportunity to take down the clock and put the game away by moving the ball. To try and do so, Vrabel called a draw play for Derrick Henry.

Henry took the handoff and looked like he was going to be stopped for no gain. Rather, the offensive line got behind their running back, churned their legs, and pushed him 10+ yards for a first down.

Jones, who was in the middle of the pile, got up after the play and was beyond pumped up. He gave an emphatic celebration as his team lined up to do it all over again.

Following the game, Jones was absolutely exhausted. The 33-year-old, who means a lot to his team, its players, and its fanbase, looked as if he had nothing left in the tank. He was walking with a slight limp, was seemingly out of breath, and was struggling to even get one last push into the locker room.

Mike Vrabel gave Ben Jones all of the love.

As Jones made his way into the tunnel, he was greeted by Vrabel for an emotional moment that epitomizes everything that is great about football. The two hugged it out as the head coach made it very clear how much he loves his players and the fight they showed on the field.

To make the entire afternoon even cooler, Jones was asked about how he felt in the locker room. Rather than expressing his exhaustion, with a big smile on his face, he kept the focus on the team and winning.

Ben Jones is a warrior and his moment with Vrabel after the game on Sunday was special.