Eli Apple Calls Out Mac Jones For 'Dirty' Hit As Video Compilation Shows Patriots QB's Questionable History

Mac Jones did not have a very merry Christmas Eve. The Patriots lost to the Bengals after failing to complete a second-half comeback and the second-year quarterback is involved with controversy.

Near the end of Saturday's game, Cincinnati came up with a fumble. As Germaine Pratt took the loose ball down the sideline, Jones was hot in pursuit.

However, once the play was clearly out of reach, he decided to turn his focus away from Pratt and appeared to make an extremely dirty block/hit against cornerback Eli Apple. Jones slowed to a near-complete stop and went low on the Bengals defender— well behind the play.

Apple, at that point, was completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of the return. He was a trailing blocker that did not have much opportunity to step in and add value.

Jones went low and cut him anyway.

After the game, Apple spoke about Jones' low, extremely unnecessary hit. He was not surprised.

"Of course I did (notice it). He tripped me. I thought it was a dirty play. He’s done that before. I’ve seen it."

Eli Apple is not wrong in regard to Mac Jones' history.

This is not the first time that he has been caught in the middle of a contentious situation. Jones has been called "dirty" in the past and video compilation of his low moments puts it all in perspective.

While there are obviously two sides to every story, Jones' track record does not help make the case that his low hit on Apple was unintentional. It only makes it worse.

Here are a few of Mac Jones' questionable moments:

Jones has not addressed the play on Saturday. However, no matter what he might say, the video is rather damning. To say that his low hit on Apple was either unintentional or with purpose would be hard to believe.