Eagles OC Nick Sirianni Admits Calling "Philly Special" Was Dumb

First-year Eagles offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni was asked to elaborate on yesterday's failed attempt at the Philly Special. His answer was brutally honest, and he now admits he didn't have the right game plan.

It was hard to watch without cringing, but at least he's big enough of a man to admit his mistake. He basically takes all the credit for the Eagles' loss to the 49ers.

"Yeah, not only do I just kind of replay it in my mind, but my coordinators were able to get that film to me and I watched it," Sirianni said. "First thing is accountability and everyone on Sunday and Monday are going to be accountable for what they did, and that starts with me. I went back and looked at those plays that didn't work and obviously you want them back. I like the goal line plays that we called early. I thought they had a good chance. I just don't like my last call with the trick play even though it looked good in practice. I've gotta put our guys in better spots."

The Eagles' offense didn't scratch the end zone all day and managed just three points.

Those that watched this performance can attest that the Philadelphia Eagles coached themselves out of an easy win. This game probably should've been 17 to zip in the second quarter, but play calls let quarterback Jalen Hurts down.

Obviously Hurts can stray a bit and fix plays at the line of scrimmage, however that's more likely to happen with experience. As of now, Nick Sirianni and his play calls will have a major impact on the short-term success of this Eagles offense.

And Sirianni better tidy up quick because his next test is on Monday Night Football against the division rival Dallas Cowboys. Buckle up.