Eagles GM: Carson Wentz Is Like A Finger On Our Hand

Carson Wentz just can't seem to escape bad news. The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback is coming off a lousy season, he got benched near the end of the year, and is now reportedly seeking a trade.

Well, sorry, Carson.

“When you have players like that, they are like fingers on your hands. You can’t even imagine that they are not a part of you, that they are not here,” Eagles general manager Howie Roseman told reporters Monday. “That’s how we feel about Carson.”

If it's up to Wentz, you can probably guess which finger on the hand he is.

Anyway, the bottom line is the Eagles don't intend to trade Wentz. At least not yet.

“That is not anything we’re talking about right now," Roseman insisted. "We’re talking about a guy that is mentally talented, has a great work ethic, and doing whatever we can to put him in the best possible situation to be successful.”

An ESPN report over the weekend claimed the relationship between Wentz and Eagles coach Doug Pederson was "fractured beyond repair," but Pederson himself shot that one down.

“I’m not going to speak for Carson, obviously, but I can speak for myself and say that the relationship is good," Pederson said. "It's something that we’re going to continue to build upon.

Pederson acknowledged that it wasn't a great season for Wentz, as the Eagles (4-11-1) flew south quickly.

"Listen, I know Carson is disappointed, and it’s not the season that he had anticipated, not the season I had anticipated as head coach," Pederson said. "There were a lot of moving parts. It’s not about one guy here. It takes all of us, and that’s something that we’ve stressed a lot here. ... And obviously surrounding the quarterback position with the right guys, the right men and that’s also something we’re going to work on this offseason.”

Roseman and Pederson are saying all the right things, and given Wentz's massive salary, he will be hard to move in a trade. But it's equally hard to imagine Wentz returning to a team that will now be in the seemingly capable hands of QB Jalen Hurts.