Eagles Fans Chuck Eggs At 49ers Fans Before NFC Championship Despite Soaring Prices

Egg prices are up more than 200% year-over-year but that is not stopping Eagles fans from using them as weapons. They unleashed the oval-shaped breakfast item at 49ers fans who were visiting Philadelphia on Sunday for the NFC Championship Game.

Eagles fans, really just fans of any team in the City of Brotherly Love, are known not to love so brotherly. Santa Claus was famously the target of snowballs in 1968. Not even Santa Claus is safe!

Head coach Nick Sirianni was asked about the hostility of Philadelphia fans during a press conference earlier this week. He is familiar with how it goes as an opposing coach and appreciates having the fanbase on his side as head coach of the Eagles. It's something of a badge of honor.

Our crowd inspires us, our crowd makes it difficult for the opposing team.. they are hostile. I knew that as being an opposing coach coming here, how intimidating it can be. They’ll make life difficult, no doubt, for this team that’s coming in here because who they are as fans. It’s gonna be loud, we’ll feed off that.

That hostility was on full display before kickoff on Sunday. Philadelphia fans pelted a group of San Francisco fans as they made their way toward Lincoln Financial Field, past the tailgate lots.

Fortunately, it didn't appear as though the eggs made contact. To be covered in yolk all day would have been quite the damper.

On the Eagles fans' part, it was financially irresponsible!

According to U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Marketing Service data from Jan. 24, 2020, a dozen Grade A, conventional, and large eggs averaged about $0.98 for white eggs. It cost about $0.99 for brown eggs.

In January 2023, those numbers are about three times as expensive. It costs about $2.92 for a dozen white eggs and $3.00 for brown eggs, depending on the region.

Egg prices are soaring, but Philly fans are chucking them at the feet of San Fran fans as if they aren't the same as gold in today's economy. They must be doing well for themselves!