Eagles Fan Beats Up Chiefs Fan, But It Sounds Like Chiefs Fan Deserved it

This week after posting the WNBA players fighting in a parking lot while in line at a food truck, I was accused of picking on the WNBA and lectured on how OutKick never shows other people fighting. You're damn right I was flabbergasted. Completely insulted. There isn't a blogger out there that's more fair and balanced when it comes to showing sports-related fights than this guy.

My track record speaks for itself on fan fights. Just last week, I posted Chiefs fan knocking out a guy cold. And Cowboys fans beating up fellow Cowboys fans. The list goes on and on.

I'll admit that I'm late to post this one that went down Sunday at Lincoln Financial Field between Eagles fan and Chiefs fan, but I don't want to be accused of picking on certain fanbases so here we go with Eagles fan in his element.

By the way, all of a sudden it's not out of the ordinary to have Chiefs fans willing to drop the gloves. They're not quite the Midwestern version of Eagles fans, but they're getting there...fast.

Now let's get an eyewitness account from the scene:

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