Dolphins Could Make Draft Play For WR And Totally Revamp Tua's Weapons

Reports early this offseason said that the Miami Dolphins were looking to add a "boundary receiver and a slot target." The team has since signed wideout Will Fuller to a one-year deal, and they may be looking to grab that slot weapon in round one of the draft.

DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle have entered the chat.

For those out of the loop, the Dolphins traded out of their original early-round position, and then traded back from 12 to six. Teams don't make trades to the top of the draft if they don't have their eye on a specific player or two.

And if their eyes are fixated on a receiver, then they have plenty to choose from. Sure, LSU star Ja'Marr Chase will probably be gone by then, but there are plenty of other potential stars in this draft. DeVonta Smith is surely one of them.

The Deshaun Watson cases made this choice easier, too

Now that Deshaun Watson finds himself backed into a corner with over 20 pending criminal cases, the Dolphins can focus on Tua Tagovailoa. Everyone was jumping up and down for Miami to pull the trigger on a "top-five quarterback" over Tua, but now that's out the window.

If you can't choose between two girls and suddenly one of them moves out of town -- well, now you found yourself a solution. That's kinda what just happened for Miami and Tua.

Jaylen Waddle would tell you he's the best receiver in this draft, as would every other player. There's really no telling who'll be better. All we know is that, at 166 lbs, DeVonta Smith could be swept away in a windstorm.

This selection may come down to the combine numbers because both Waddle and Smith are monsters. Either way, Miami seems to be eyeballing the NFL's next star receiver. The Eagles whiffed last year letting Justin Jefferson walk for Jalen Reagor -- will the Dolphins make that same mistake?