DK Metcalf Causes Widespread Panic By Riding Injury Cart Into Locker Room For Bathroom Break And NFL Fans Have Jokes

When nature called, DK Metcalf answered. The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver was carted off during the fourth quarter of Sunday's game against Detroit.

However, there was no reason to be concerned. He was not injured. He just needed a lift.

With just under 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, the FOX broadcast cut to an image of Metcalf on the team injury cart, making his way behind the end zone and into the locker room. The 24-year-old was seated on the side and did not look super happy.

That scene typically alludes to an injury that caused the player to come out of the game. As a result, NFL fans and analysts were quick to send well wishes in Metcalf's direction.

As it would turn out, those prayers were answered. Kind of.

DK Metcalf is perfectly fine after being carted off the field.

He did not sustain an injury that required him to head into the locker room.

According to FOX sideline reporter Jennifer Hale, who was quick to provide an update on the situation, the Seahawks star needed to use the bathroom.

DK confirmed the news on Twitter after the game, in hilarious fashion.

DK Metcalf's cart ride on Sunday is believed to be the first time in NFL history that a player caught a lift on the injury cart so that he could relieve himself. And if that wasn't funny enough, he was carted back on to the field in the exact same manner, returned to the sideline and got back in the game.

Obviously, Metcalf was not injured. And typically, teams have a tent that allows players to go "number one" discreetly without leaving the sideline. If DK Metcalf had to go to the locker room, all signs would point toward the alternative.

As a result, as could be expected, people had all kinds of jokes.

Many fans related the hilarious moment to when Lamar Jackson may or may not have had a similar situation (he definitely did) last season. Same with Paul Pierce.

There is no denying that getting shuttled to the locker room for a bathroom break is legendary. Metcalf made history (probably) on Sunday and we must never forget this moment.