Did The Rams Get A Lemon In Von Miller Deal?

Right now, roughly a month before Christmas, the Los Angeles Rams are anxiously waiting the chance to unbox a pair of new toys. First there's the 2021 OBJ whom LA scooped off the discount rack. And then there's recently acquired edge rusher Von Miller, who may have arrived to Los Angeles damaged and in need of repair.

Hopefully the Rams saved their shopping receipts because it now appears as though LA may have been gifted a lemon. On Sunday morning ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that, though Miller is expected to debut for the Rams on Monday night versus San Francisco, the ankle injury that has delayed his LA debut is worse than the Rams expected.

Miller was acquired earlier this month in exchange for second and third-round draft picks. At the time of the trade, the Rams were aware that Miller suffered an injury in an October 21st loss to Cleveland while he was still a member of the Broncos, though they did not realize the severity of the ailment. The bum ankle had Miller sidelined for LA's game with Tennessee last weekend and could potentially keep him out of tonight's game with the 49ers.

Per Schefter, he'll need to test his ankle pregame before the team decides whether or not to unwrap it and give it a test run.

If Miller's unable to go, the soonest he'll be able to take the field would be November 28th against Green Bay since the Rams have a bye this weekend. Should LA opt to keep Miller in the packaging for another week, the Rams may have to accept the fact they were dealt a lemon, and Miller would have just seven games remaining in the regular season to turn lemons to lemonade.

Unfortunately for LA, there's a no return policy on defenders. Damaged or not, they won't be getting their second and third round picks back.



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