Did The Chargers Give A Big Hint About Justin Herbert's Status For Sunday?

The Los Angeles Chargers continue to monitor quarterback Justin Herbert to see if he can play Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. That's despite fractured rib cartilage that has limited him during practice this week.

The club says Herbert is officially questionable for the game. And he did not throw in practice at all on Friday.

But that doesn't mean he will not play and, indeed, there's possibly a hint he actually intends to play.

The idea that Herbert not practicing Friday is bad was dismissed by the quarterback himself.

"That's part of the plan," Herbert said.

No Setbacks for Herbert

Herbert threw on Thursday and then was rested Friday, so his inactivity Friday should not be understood to mean he suffered any setbacks.

"You want to make sure he goes out there to actually throws to see how he feels," coach Brandon Staley said. "And you want to get back to resting. The thought process was individual , get him out there, throw, perform the plan and see where he is. And using today as a rest day and seeing where we go here over the weekend."

Staley admitted Herbert "doesn't feel great by any means" but the coaching staff measured his response to each throw in practice. Herbert also tracked how he felt after each toss.

Herbert was asked to make the throws he would have to make in Sunday's game during Thursday's practice, Staley added.

"We're going to put him first moving forward. He's been great in communication with us," the coach said. "His team, medical people, and again, the nature of that type of injury is just going to be day-to-day."

Possible Hint about the QB's Intentions?

Herbert gave a hint that he fully intends to play by speaking to reporters at a press conference.

Starting quarterbacks around the NFL must, by league rule, have a press availability during the week leading up to a game. Teams usually cancel those availabilities when a quarterback is injured and cannot play, asking the backup to speak with reporters instead.

And yet, there was Herbert on Friday talking to reporters.

During his press conference Herbert was asked if he's concerned about possibly taking any pre-game shot to the affected area of his ribs considering the doctor who might administer such a shot is being sued by former quarterback Tyrod Taylor for his failure in delivering a similar shot.

"I think every situation is different," Herbert said. "You have to take a look at what's best for you and I'm certainly doing everything I can to prepare and be ready to play on Sunday. But at the same time it's important to rest, relax and get everything ready to go."

If Herbert cannot play, the Chargers will start backup Chase Daniels.

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