Deshaun Watson Would Reportedly Consider the Dolphins In A Super Bowl-Caliber Trade

Sunday, Chris Mortensen reported that Deshaun Watson would consider waiving his no-trade clause for the Miami Dolphins. 

Few trades in NFL history have turned average teams into immediate Super Bowl contenders. Should Mortensen's scenario come to fruition, Watson-to-Miami would join that shortlist.

Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league. Over the next five to 10 years, Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen will battle for that title. But Watson is as talented as both Mahomes and Allen. The difference is that Watson had Bill O'Brien.

While Mahomes gets to throw to Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, Watson gets to drink the cheap cup of coffee Houston got back for DeAndre Hopkins.

While Buffalo surrounded Allen with a top-level offense and defense, Houston gave Watson bottom-levels of both.

Give Watson the situations Mahomes and Allen have, see what happens. Oh, and Miami can.

The Dolphins' defense is the AFC's most talented. It's young, fast, athletic, and complete. After suffering through O'Brien's culture, Watson probably can't even fathom Brian Flores' competence. Miami has the defense, the locker room, the coach, the roster, and the organization — it doesn't have the QB.

Tua Tagovailoa had a poor rookie season. If promise was shown, it wasn't in front of the camera. This doesn't mean Tua is a bust, but he's not going to be Deshaun Watson. Tua's ceiling doesn't sniff Watson's current form.

In 2020, despite the Texans' pathetic decision-making, Watson led the NFL in passing yards, was second in passer rating (four points higher than Mahomes), completed over 70% of his passes. All in all, Aaron Rodgers was the only QB who had a definitively better season.

Given ESPN's report, the Dolphins should now have a one-track mind: trick the Texans into thinking this deal is mutually beneficial. Though I don't think the Texans are dumb enough to part ways with a top-five most valuable player, their history has me wondering if they are... 

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