Deshaun Watson Gifts Rolex, More, To Anthony Walker In Exchange For Number

In the likely event Deshaun Watson is suspended by the NFL, Browns teammate Anthony Walker should have no problem keeping tracking of the time until his quarterback returns to the huddle.

Watson gifted Walker a new Rolex and more, in exchange for jersey number 4.

A linebacker in his second year with the Browns, Walker was gifted the pricey timepiece immediately following Wednesday’s OTA practice. Walker had worn no. 4 since arriving in Cleveland prior to last season but switched to no. 5 once he heard Watson was coming to the Browns.

The watch was an unexpected and unsolicited gift from Watson, who’s worn 4 since his days starring under center for Clemson.

“Appreciate you,” Watson said as he handed Walker the boxed Rolex while the linebacker was being interviewed by reporters.

Walker gave Watson a quick hug, set the box on the ground behind him and told Watson: “Appreciate that.”

Despite Cleveland media pressing him to open the box, he smiled and opted to wait and do so away from the public eye.

Walker told the roughly 25 reporters in attendance that he never gave a thought to keeping no. 4, nor did he plan to ask for any payment or donation in exchange for the number. “Deshaun said he was coming to Cleveland, I text him 10 seconds later and said, ‘Welcome to Cleveland, No. 4. That was it,” said Walker.

The Rolex wasn't the only thing Watson gifted the starting linebacker. Per a report, the Browns' franchise quarterback also donated $50,000 to the football program at a Florida high school where Walker's dad works.

“He’s a good guy, man,’’ added Walker.


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