Deshaun Doesn't Care Who The Coach Is, He Wants Out Of Houston

Just in case anyone thought Deshaun Watson was demanding a trade to try and influence the coaching hire--you're wrong.

According to a report from ESPN's Adam Schefter, Deshaun Watson still wants out of town regardless of who the Houston Texans hire. So much for Eric Bieniemy saving Watson.

Honestly, this is probably for the better that Deshaun Watson came to grips that the Texans are a garbage franchise. No offense to their fan base, but that front office has no clue what they're doing and that should be clear to Watson at this point.

They dealt DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona for a second-round pick, and then they played so bad that JJ Watt apologized to the fans. When star players are issuing apologies for how bad it's been, why would Deshaun Watson think any coaching hire could turn that around?

He shouldn't and he's finally wrapping up his ugly marriage with the Houston Texans. So who lands Watson? He's a top-5 quarterback in the NFL worth an absolute haul. The Jets, Dolphins, Patriots, and plenty others will surely be calling. Guess they're on the clock now, huh?