Derek Carr: Wild Win ‘Reminded Me Of My Career To This Point’

Leave it to Vegas to make a mundane Monday evening come to life. The Raiders needed overtime to hold off Baltimore in the Monday Night Football season opener, and Las Vegas quarterback Derek Carr told ESPN that the game "reminded me so much of my career so far."

There were plenty of ups, quite a few downs, and a whole bunch of craziness. A 31-yard overtime touchdown from Carr to Zay Jones proved to be the difference in Vegas' Week One thriller.

Carr, who finished the game 34 of 56 for 435 yards and two touchdowns, was understandably elated after the Raiders came back from a 14-0 deficit to claim the win. "On both sides (of the ball), we made plays to help us lose it and to help us win it. But, the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that score," the quarterback told ESPN. "I'm glad that we won."

Las Vegas needed a combined 23 points between the fourth quarter and OT to secure a season-opening win against a Ravens team whose defense regularly gives opposing quarterbacks pre- and post-game nightmares. "I'm thankful that we won. Because, going to sleep tonight and losing that one would've hurt," said Carr.

Carr wasn't the only one feeling the rush after an all too familiar thrill ride through Sin City. "I felt like I died and woke up," said Raiders coach Jon Gruden. "And died again. I was like a cat. I had multiple lives tonight. I don't like playing like that. It was tough but, again, we did a lot of good things to win that football game tonight."

Vegas, baby. Vegas.