Deandre Hopkins Fires Off Another Tweet

Deandre Hopkins has no plans to get vaccinated according to his since deleted tweet, but now he's beginning to elaborate on what we already knew: They love you one minute then hate you the next.

It's all political pandering, Hop.

As you can read above, I was defending Hopkins' freedom of choice, but I also want to clarify my point. The NFL is a private organization that is allowed to operate by it's own set of rules, which means they can go full dictator mode on this covid fiasco. By law, they can tell Deandre Hopkins or anyone other player, that they will follow their ever-changing rules or they can quit their job.

They call that freedom just because Hopkins is allowed to walk away from his workplace. Free-thinking Americans understand that to be an ultimatum.

What if the NFL no longer supported our choice to certain religions? Is there nothing standing in the way of private organizations like the NFL from smothering their players with pressure to conform and disgusting this as a choice? Judging off today's developments, it's all fair game as long as they get their way.

And here's the bottom line:

Liberals that openly support Dr. Fauci and this nation's obsession with big pharma love this new America. Businesses like the NFL have finally enforced their will, and now the players daring enough to fight back look like contrarians. They're outsiders "denying science", according to Twitter.

Will Hopkins give in? We'll know soon enough when the Arizona Cardinals and his agency inevitably get involved.