Davante Adams Calls Derek Carr a 'Hall of Fame' Level QB (No, Really)

The standards to reach Canton apparently have dropped substantially in recent years.

At least, that's if Davante Adams is to be believed.

Adams recently joined the Las Vegas Raiders after 8 seasons in Green Bay and 5 Pro Bowl appearances, played mostly with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. Adams had a spectacular 2021 season, setting career highs with 123 receptions and 1,553 yards while catching 11 TD's.

Rodgers, his former QB is undoubtedly a Hall of Famer, with 449 career touchdowns, over 55,000 passing yards, a 105.3 QB rating, 4 MVP awards, and a Super Bowl championship.

Apparently to Adams, new teammate Derek Carr's career resume also should land him in the Hall.

He recently made comments saying that in going from playing with Rodgers to Carr, he was moving from one Hall of Famer to another:

“Any time you change quarterbacks from Hall of Famer to Hall of Famer … it’s going to be a little bit of an adjustment”

This might be one of the least accurate statements or comparisons you can possibly make in pro football.

For the overwhelming majority of his career, Carr has been essentially an average QB. Just as one example, he has exactly one season with 30+ TD's under his belt, which came back in 2015.

Rodgers has eight.

Rodgers has 4 career MVP awards, Carr has only received MVP votes in one season, when he finished 3rd in 2016.

Carr has a losing record in his career, going 57-70, while Rodgers is 139-66.

That's correct, despite playing in 86 more games than Carr, Rodgers has fewer career losses.

Their interception totals are nearly identical as well, with Carr throwing 85 in 127 games, while Rodgers has thrown 93 in 213 games.

While it's understandable for players switching teams to try and hype up their new teammates, it's an utterly absurd comparison to make. What about Carr's serviceable but unspectacular career could possibly lead to this much praise?

His career is far from over, but it's beyond clear that Carr's nowhere close to the Hall of Fame level, especially when compared to Rodgers, who's an all-time great.

Luckily for Adams though, the Raiders don't play the Packers this season, so Carr might be able to lead the team to the third winning season of his illustrious career.