Daniel Jones Bleeds All Over Center's White Pants, Makes For Hilariously Deceiving Image

Daniel Jones bled all over his center on Sunday. It made it look like the center was bleeding out of his butt. He was not.

As the Giants played to a 27-22 win over the Packers in London, Jones took a hit in the fourth quarter that caused a gash to open up on his right hand. He was bleeding pretty significantly.

Despite the cut on his throwing hand, Jones led a 15-play, 91-yard touchdown drive to tie the game at 20. He went 7-of-8 through the air in the process.

Daniel Jones' bloody hand also led to a hilarious wardrobe malfunction that was extremely deceiving.

New York ran most of the drive under center. That meant that Jones had to get his hands right up to the center's butt to take the snap.

Well, his hand was bloody and the Giants were wearing their away uniforms. The combination of factors led to a lot of Jones' red blood spreading onto Jon Feliciano's white pants.

In turn, it made it look like Feliciano was bleeding out of his butt. He wasn't, but it sure looked like it.

Jones got some treatment on the sideline shortly thereafter. With his hand cleaned up, he led another 60-yard drive that ultimately proved to be the game-winner for the Giants.

Feliciano, on the other hand (pun intended), did not get the chance to change pants and the blood stain was way too big for Tide To Go to do the trick. He played the remainder of the game while looking like his butt was bleeding and it was a very funny image.

It also begs the question as to whether Feliciano knew what was going on. Did anyone tell him? Surely once he got back to the New York sideline, his teammates gave him a hard time, right? Otherwise, he had to wait until he got back to his phone in the locker room to learn that he went viral.