Dallas Cowboys Would Sell For $10 Billion, Says Owner Jerry Jones

In 1989, Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Stadium for $150 million. If he were to sell America's Team, Jones anticipates the price tag would be considerably higher.

When asked by NBC Sports' Peter King how much he thought the Cowboys could fetch on the open mark, Jones responded "Ten up."

King then asked him to clarify, to which Jones said: "More than $10 billion."

Not a bad ROI.

Jones' eye-opening number shouldn't come as overly surprising. The most recent NFL franchise to sell, the Carolina Panthers in 2018, was purchased for nearly $2.3 billion and they lack the star power, media market and fan interest of the vastly popular Cowboys.

Additionally, the Denver Broncos are currently for sale and are expected to be sold for somewhere between $3 billion and $5 billion. Despite having more recent success than Dallas, they too, lack the marketability of America's Team.

Regardless of how many zeros would be attached to a check securing the rights to the Cowboys, the 79-year-old Jones, isn't interesting in cashing in.

"But let me make this very clear,” Jones told King. “I’ll say it definitively. I will never do it. I will never sell the Cowboys. Ever.”

Jones' comments come roughly a week after Dallas mayor Eric Johnson suggested that Big D needs an additional NFL team, tweeting: “We need an AFC team that plays in Southern Dallas,” Johnson tweeted. “It would never want for a fan base or attendance or support from the City of Dallas. Who wouldn’t want to see a Dallas versus Dallas Super Bowl…in the City of Dallas?"

If Johnson's idea ever were to come to fruition, the Cowboys' AFC neighbor would be wise to bring a hefty bank account along with them. No one wants to live in an RV next to a mansion.

How 'bout them Cowboys?

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