Daddy Issues: Jerry Jones' Alleged Love Child Files Lawsuit Against Billionaire

In an explosive lawsuit filed Thursday in Dallas County, Texas, a 25-year-old congressional aide alleges Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is her father and that her mother made a love child deal with the businessman to never publicly identify Jones as the father.

According to the lawsuit which the Dallas Morning News has analyzed, the alleged love child, Alexandra Davis, wants the courts to acknowledge she isn't held legally responsible for the deal her mother and Jones concocted during the 1990s when they (allegedly) fornicated and had this love child.

Ms. Davis is also seeking protection from being sued or lose her financial trusts that were part of the deal between her mother and Jones.

As if this isn't already crazy enough, Alexandra and her mother, Cynthia, appeared in the reality show Big Rich Texas that followed rich women and their daughters. The DMN reports that Cynthia Davis was said to be living off a trust fund.

Again, according to the lawsuit, here's how this all went down back in the 1990s when swinging dick Jerry Jones was out and about. Cynthia Davis worked as a ticket counter agent for American Airlines in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Jones is said to have "pursued" Davis and that allegedly turned into a relationship. One thing leads to another and Alexandra Davis is born December 16, 1996. It was a Monday. The Cowboys beat the Patriots the day before.

Cynthia Davis, who was married when this fornication is alleged to have occurred with Jones, ends up in divorce court and her husband doesn't come back a match as Alexandra's father. Cynthia goes to Jones, but he tells Cynthia he's not able to have children.

One thing leads to another and Jones' legal team is said to have created a settlement deal with Cynthia. It was a money-for-silence deal.

The alleged financial details of that settlement are:

• Around $27,000 for Cynthia's divorce

• $30,000 for her to negotiate in good faith

• $375,000 in cash to Cynthia once she agreed to a deal that listed a "punitive father" that wasn't identified

• Two trusts created and funded by Jones for Alexandra Davis

• Monthly, annual and special funding for Alexandra from the trusts until she reached 21

• Lump sums for Alexandra at 24,26 and 28

Ms. Davis says the only time she identified Jones as her father -- before this lawsuit -- was when she applied for security clearance to work in the White House for President Trump.



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